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Daily commitment 5/2

Good morning. I've finished my 30 minute Firm DVD with resistance bands. I can't believe how it can kick my butt. Burned 300 calories in a 30 minutes workout.
Today is laundry and sewing. Not sure about meals. Had a sandwich thin with PB2 before workout. Will have to make pizza for Jim tonight but not sure what for me. I have some whole wheat wraps (Fit and Active brand from Aldi-1 point) and some fake lobster opened so I may make a lobster salad wrap. Actually that sounds really good.
Hope you all have a super weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 5/2

Pat, looks like everyone is MIA today...busy, I guess. I've only done grocery shopping and fixed meals today! It has been rainy and storming here all day, so I didn't make it to WW meeting this a.m. It was coming a downpour when I needed to get out the door and I just decided not to attempt it!

I have been rather tired after staying with the baby again Thursday night and all day yesterday. She has an ear infection, so I was trying to help the kids out and give them a night of rest! What Granny's won't do for their grandbabies!

I've had a good OP day today. Maybe tomorrow will be the start of a good week for everyone! Hope so!!

Re: Daily commitment 5/2

sorry no reply yesterday I wa swamped. Jujitsu in the morning and then a soccer game to watch. Then it was off for a walk. After that I had an hour to get my house in order for some friends over for supper. Lets hope today I let my self relax a little.!! I did okay being op. Just ate a burger with potatoes for supper and avoided all the chips, dips and beans!. Did indulge in the chocolate cake that my friend had made for my birthday.