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Daily commitment 5/3

Good morning all. Hope since you were all gone yesterday that that means you were busy having fun. We're off to church in a few minutes then to a charity auction. I've donated several of my quilted articles, I'm always nervous to see if they get good bids. Sometimes it is discouraging when they go for less than the materials it took to make the article.
Had a good OP day yesterday and plan on another today. I'm determined to lose the 1/2 pound before Thursday so I can celebrate 90 lost. It is an upcoming week where I will get to the gym less than normal so will have to do something else for exercise.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 5/3

Good Luck Patty on the Auction and the working tword your goal!!.

got to bed last night at 100 but I am still up early. Need to pick up my house a little after having a dinner party here last night. I indulged a little in a birthday cake that my friend had made for me but otherwise was able to resist everything else laying around all night. WHen I did want to munch I made a bag of popcorn. Today I am not sure what will happen. It is my 28th birthday and I am not sure if the kids and Dh have something planned or not, they dont always tell me everything. I will enjoy a good walk to help work off the chocolate cake though!! hop you all have a wonderful Sunday.

0p for me


Re: Daily commitment 5/3

Hi and Happy Sunday to everyone. Chelsie, happy birthday...hope it's a special one for you. Patty, good luck with the auction...I so admire anyone with quilting skills. I know it must be disconcerting to see your items that you have worked so hard on go for less than your time and materials...but hopefully you had joy making them and the people who get them will be very lucky. I am doing well...OP every day, and flexibility re needing more to eat some days than others, and getting enough rest, is really helping to avoid yet another relapse...Take care all, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment 5/3

Happy Birthday to Cheslie! Happy Birthday to You! I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope that your husband and kids have a surprise for you. You never get too old for that. :)

Patty - Almost 90 pounds gone????????? I am so proud of you and you should be proud too. That is amazing and inspirational to all of us. You have really achieved something wonderful.

Sorry to be MIA again over the weekend. I am always here and OP, I just get busy with the family.

Scott and I mystery dined last night at Chili's. I got the chicken fajita pita and had them leave off the ranch sauce. So what I ate was grilled chicken, lettuce, and grilled onions and peppers in a pita and then I topped it with salsa. It came with fries, but I didn't eat any! Not even one! I brought them home to the kids and they loved them. Yahoo!

We mystery dine applebee's tonight, so that is an easy one. I can do the WW menu or they have a chicken tortilla rollup that is good. It comes with mexi-ranch sauce but I leave that off and am left with grilled chicken, lettuce, and cheese in a tortilla. I have them substitute the WW cheese for the full fat cheese on that. It comes with fries too, but it is so filling I just bring those home to the kids too.

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily commitment 5/3

Chelsie, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful year to come


Re: Daily commitment 5/3

Just a quick "HEY". Been busy today..church, then by son's house, home, lunch, laundry. Going to be going to stay with Lilly every day this week. That means getting up at 5:00 every a.m.

Had a good OP day today. Hoping my weigh in this Saturday will be good. Pat, you're AWESOME and such an inspiration! Hope you make that 1/2 pound and even more!!

Maaj, it was good to see you post several times lately and to know you're hanging in with the rest of us. We all have to learn to live in the real world!

Chelsie, I told you HBD on FB. If you didn't see it, here it is again!! Hope you had a good day, you young spring chicken!! What was it? 28?

Uki, you've been doing some good eating! I haven't been out except to Subway in a while! LOL!

This was going to be quick...but...oh well!!

Have a good week everyone. I will check in when I have time and at least read the posts. Toodles!!