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Re: Daily commitment 5/3

Just a quick "HEY". Been busy today..church, then by son's house, home, lunch, laundry. Going to be going to stay with Lilly every day this week. That means getting up at 5:00 every a.m.

Had a good OP day today. Hoping my weigh in this Saturday will be good. Pat, you're AWESOME and such an inspiration! Hope you make that 1/2 pound and even more!!

Maaj, it was good to see you post several times lately and to know you're hanging in with the rest of us. We all have to learn to live in the real world!

Chelsie, I told you HBD on FB. If you didn't see it, here it is again!! Hope you had a good day, you young spring chicken!! What was it? 28?

Uki, you've been doing some good eating! I haven't been out except to Subway in a while! LOL!

This was going to be quick...but...oh well!!

Have a good week everyone. I will check in when I have time and at least read the posts. Toodles!!