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Daily Commitment 5/4

Well, good afternoon ladies. I can't believe I'm the first one posting today. OP for today! I am really tired today. I had a very busy weekend.

Saturday I did the March of Dimes, March for Babies walk. It was 4.5 miles. I pushed both kids in the double stroller so that was even more of a work out. I ended up raising $220!

Hoping to have a good, OP week with plenty of exercise.

Re: Daily Commitment 5/4

hello everyone. Today has been pretty good for me. I really am happy that going over points a little bit on saturday nite hasnt made me fall back into bad habits. Went shopping at a consignment store today and found a 100 purse for 30. Happy birthday to me!!. Now that is what I call a good day! So I am off to soccer practice pretty soon and then off on my walk tonight

op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 5/4

Chelsie, congrats for staying OP after a slip. Guess your brain is WW wired now.
Brooke, good for you walking for a cause.

Today has been a good day. Exercise, sewing and a good low point supper. Found a recipe for Greek Shrimp Salad that was great.