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Re: Daily commitment 5/5

I'm headed off to work here in a bit. Had a long weekend and I'm ready to head back.

Doing better on the food front. OP today and hope everyone has a successful week.

Re: Daily commitment 5/5

Hello ladies. Have fun today Pat! OP so far today. Should be able to stay on the rest of the day also. I'm not feeling very good today. Hopefully it's just a bug and it will go away soon. DH is working until 7:30 so I will probably take the kids outside to play after work before we eat dinner and then it's a quiet night at home.

Re: Daily commitment 5/5

Good afternoon everyone. sounds like we are all doing quite well today!! I have been busy just doing stuff around the house. I made friendship bread today and 1 pt ww cookies. I am giving them away as mothers day presents this year. But I do know that two of my moms (I have 4, both our parents are divored and remarried) do ww and friendship bread isnt exactly the most ww friendly thing so I want to make sure they will eat what I bring! I did indulge in one small piece but thats all. Weigh in is tomorrow and I dont want to blow it. After all the bread gets out of the oven me and dd will go deliver bday invites. Tonight is jujitsu and another walk.

Keep having a great op day
op for me