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Re: Daily commitment 5/6

Good morning ladies. Almost lunch time for me and I am STARVING! I'm having the other half of my footlong sub from Subway today. Yummy! And some pretzels. Chelsie, good luck on your weigh in today. Mine is tomorrow and I am a bit nervous about it, but hopefully it will be a good one. I hope to get a 5 lb star this week.
My plan was to get up and work out this morning, but I couldn't drag my rear out of bed so it looks like I will be doing it tonight instead. Oh well, as long as it gets done, that's all that matters. Maybe I will take a walk after I eat my lunch since it hasn't started raining yet.
OP for today. Have a great day all!

Re: Daily commitment 5/6

Hello everyone.

Just a quick post to say I'm OP and doing just fine today.

Hope everyone is well.

Re: Daily commitment 5/6

Hi everyone. I'm home from work and watching Biggest Loser from last night. I took my lunch with me today so I was OP. Took several small containers with fruit and carrots for snacks during the down times when I really wanted to snack. I have chicken in the oven and will make broccoli and quinoa for supper.
Hope you have all had a great day. I think I'll stay on "points' for another week. When I'm working it's easier. Will go back to Simply Filling soon.