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Daily Commitment 5/7

Good morning! Boy it sure sounds like everyone is doing so well and that is great! Losses are sometimes slow, but hang in there. I remind myself when my loss would slow, that it was a sign that I was closer to goal! The less you have to lose, the slower it comes off. So, it is kind of a good thing, although it can be discouraging, I know.

I am going to get some stuff done around the house and then ride my bike before it rains this afternoon.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Good morning. I'm off to WW this morning. No other plans for the day except stopping at Target and Aldi's on the way home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my weigh in today. I'll let you know later how I do.
Have a great day everyone


Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Good Luck on weigh in Pat!! I am up and all ready to go today. I will babysit my 2 year old nephew today and tomorrow. Went to ww yesterday and I lost 1.4 so I got my 10 lbs! yeah!!! feels good to hit those goals. today I will clean a little and make up my grocery list for tommorow. Got my stroller all ready to go walking with my nephew.

Have a great day Everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Good morning everyone! Hope you ladies do well at your weigh in's today. Let us know how it went.

I finished out yesterday OP and did very well. I'm still getting used to this medicine I'm on. I've cut out a lot of my sugary snacks I used to eat and I've replaced them with more fruit. Sure, I still "want" that old stuff, but I'm trying to think of my health and the fact that I want to be a size 10 again, LOL. Slowly and surely.

I've brought my grocery ads with me to work. Going to try and plan some meals around what's on sale and plan for bringing my lunch a little more to work.

Hope you all have a great day. It's foggy/gloomy in my neck of the woods today. Hopefully nice weather will be here for the weekend. Vacation is getting closer (June 15)...I seriously cannot wait for my cabin in the Smokies!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Congratulations Chelsea!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Congrats Chels!!! I went to weigh in this morning and lost 2.2!!! That makes a total of 6.6. Working towards that key chain! Getting closer each week. Our plan for tonight is to grab some KFC (grilled chicken) and go to the park for a picnic and walk. It's looking like the rain may ruin those plans, but we will see.
Have a great OP day all!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Great job Brooke and Chelsie!!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/7

Thanks everybody. Way to go Brooke!! well my plans changed quite a bit today but it all worked out for the best. My babysitter called this morning out of the blue and wanted me to tag along to walmart (about 20 minutes away) She had a child with headlice at daycare today, sent them home but she still needed to clean her house. Walmart had the stuff so much cheaper so we went there. So I got my grocery shopping done today. My nephew is sleeping now but I will walk when he wakes up. We went to mc donalds for dinner but I just had some chicken nuggets and apple dippers with a glass of water. I will go add it up now but I think that was pretty good. Have a great day everyone.