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Daily Commitment 5/8

Good morning to all of you and Happy Friday!

The guys are out the door and Anna is all creamed up. She was diagnosed with psoriasis last week and we are treating it accordingly. Poor kid. The rashis all over her body and even on her scalp! The scalp is the hardest to deal with because she has such long hair. She has a special shampoo and then this scalp lotion too. We do the lotion twice daily. It dries with no residue and just makes her hair look damp for a bit. I sure hope it works!

Anyway, I am off to the store this morning and then over to my mom's to help her vacuum. She hurt her shoulder and can't do it right now so I volunteered to pitch in.

Have a great day and congratulations to all the losers for this week. What great losses you all are having!! yay!!!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/8

good morning everyone. today I need to plan out my menu of what I got yesterday. Then I am going to make a couple of batches of 1 pt cookies for my mothers for mothers day. My nephew will be here soon and i will have him all day as well. Get a good walk in tonight and hopefullly have a relaxing day.

op for me
have a great day

Re: Daily Commitment 5/8

Good morning, just a quick post to say I'm doing pretty good and I'm OP this morning.

Craving potato salad (leftover from last week's party)...I'm going to let myself have some. I measured out a half cup and I'm counting it accordingly. Sometimes you have to just let yourself have something, right, LOL!?

All you ladies are doing great this week with the weight loss.

Glad nicer weather is here. Going to get out my walkin shoes and hit the pavement next chance I get.

Re: Daily Commitment 5/8

Chelsea, Would you post the recipe for your 1 point cookies? Thanks.