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Daily Committment for 5-9-09

Can't believe there's no post on here YET!! I am OP for the day, hope everyone else is, too!

I started out at WW this a.m. I lost 2 pounds, so I'm back within 4 1/2 pounds of goal! I'm having such a desperate struggle with this last bit of weight. I'm determined, but I'm just bored with the same...need to shake it up still!

I kept the baby all week which meant getting up and leaving early every morning. I took my food with me, so at least I was prepared every day.

We're all going out to dinner tonight for Mother's Day, but I plan to make wise choices! I haven't been out in quite a while, so anything will be a treat!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Mom's on here, in case you're too busy to check the posts tomorrow!!

Everyone's weight losses that I've seen have been really good. Maybe spring weather will bring out the best in all of us!!

Re: Daily Committment for 5-9-09

hey everybody It has been a mad house around here for me. last couple days have been a bit of a struggle. Forgot a birthcontol pill and even missing one full pill cycle sends my hormones of in about 10,000 differnt directions. got all the shopping done for the bday/ graduation party next week so that stress is now gone. We had to get a new trimmer, an dehumidifier today to so it was jit this morning and then shopping all day! did however go to kfc and get my free grilled chicken!

well op for me going to snuggle in with the kids and watch bedtime stories!