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Happy Mother's Day to us

Hope all your kids and husbands made today a special day for you. We all deserve a special day at least once a year.
I slept in today after the last two days of working 14 hours. Spent 6 hours in the car going to and from work in 2 days. Didn't get to church but am spending the day quietly. I may have to do laundry since I'm gone Mon and Tues also. Guess a Mom's work is never done. Jim and I drove to our local public market where they usually have a big garage sale every Sunday. Today was flower and plant day so we didn't even stop. I may go for a walk later.
On the food front I've done pretty good over the last couple days. I packed all my food for lunch and for supper instead of getting a sub with all the bread I took a Arnolds sandwich thin and bought a few slices of boiled ham at the deli and made my own sandwich. It sure helps having "legal" foods, that I know the points for, with me.
I'll pop in when I can in the next few days.


Re: Happy Mother's Day to us

hello everyone hope you all had a wonderful mothers day.

see ya tomorrow