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Daily commitment 5/16

Happy Saturday. I'm off to a picnic in a few. Weather looks terrible but guess we'll picnic in the garage. I have my sandwich thin ready so I won't be tempted to eat one of the huge sandwich rolls, I've exercised to my resistance band DVD and earned 2 AP, so guess I'm ready for the day. Hope you are all doing well


Re: Daily commitment 5/16

Up and at 'em here today!! Slept in for a little bit, but doing laundry, checking computer, and all those other neglected chores of the week!

Have to plan my menus for the coming week and then make a trip to the grocery sometime over the week-end. We have yukky weather today..stormed during the night. Don't like to get out when it's messy! OH, WELL! We've had rain FOREVER seems like. You'd think I'd get used to it by now.

Have to cram in all my work today since church and all is tomorrow. Grandson is in a music program tomorrow night, also, so BUSY, BUSY!

Didn't make it to WW this a.m. Sleep seemed a whole lot more important. I am still hanging in there! Hope everyone else is, too.

Have a great week-end!!

Re: Daily commitment 5/16

Just a quick note to see how you are all doing. My hubbby ran in a 5 k this morning and now we are getting ready for the bday, graduation party. I have been op so far today I hope it stays that way tonight.

op for me