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Daily commitment 5/17

Good Sunday morning everyone. Hope you have great plans for the day and good weather for it. After church we are going to see the new Star Trek movie and it is a perfect day to be inside.
I'm still suffering from the picnic yesterday. The menu was beef (probably chuck since it was very fatty) roasted overnight, rolls but I brought my sandwich thin, potato salad, baked beans and a fruit/cool whip concoction. Oh, and there was cake. I ended up eating the beef, small serving of potato salad and beans and a sliver of the cake. I felt sick from all the grease and could still taste it in my mouth when I went to bed. Guess my body has gotten used to low fat. When I figured my day's points including eggbeaters and bulgur for supper I had over 35. Guess my activity points will have to get me through the rest of the week. Next year I think I'll take my own lunch. I was telling Jim this morning how many people don't include fruit or vegetables in their menus.
Started out today with my normal oatmeal and berries so I'm getting right back on track.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 5/17

Good evening all, hope you have all had a great weekend. It has been busy busy for me. Fri went and got my new camera, love it! Saturday was my hubbys 5 k and the bday party. Done with that! today I was lazy till around 100 pm. My sister took all my kids for the night so me and dh vegged in front of the tv and watched a movie. This morning I finished the movie b/c I fell asleep during it last night. Then I picked up a little. Went for a walk in the afternoon, then kickboxing class at 6. Went and picked up the kids at 730,subway on the way home.!! I even stayed op all day. which is pretty amazing. considering all the left over bday cake on my stove!!

any how the kickboxing class is pretty intense legs get a great workout. I will probley continue to go and as long as I get the combinations down it will be a great form of excersise. They go really fast!

well its been op for me
sleep well