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Re: Daily commitment 5/17

Good evening all, hope you have all had a great weekend. It has been busy busy for me. Fri went and got my new camera, love it! Saturday was my hubbys 5 k and the bday party. Done with that! today I was lazy till around 100 pm. My sister took all my kids for the night so me and dh vegged in front of the tv and watched a movie. This morning I finished the movie b/c I fell asleep during it last night. Then I picked up a little. Went for a walk in the afternoon, then kickboxing class at 6. Went and picked up the kids at 730,subway on the way home.!! I even stayed op all day. which is pretty amazing. considering all the left over bday cake on my stove!!

any how the kickboxing class is pretty intense legs get a great workout. I will probley continue to go and as long as I get the combinations down it will be a great form of excersise. They go really fast!

well its been op for me
sleep well