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Daily Commitment 5/18

Good Afternoon everyone. hope your day is going well. I am just running errands most of the day. Me and dd ran around town this morning signing up for summer activities. I made cupcakes for the last night of soccer just a little bit ago and now I am off for a walk. After getting the kids from school I will feed em and then send them of to soccer. After signing them up for the summer activities I have noticed that the mornings are going to be alot of running kids around. At least I will be up and moving and not on the couch!!

Having a great op day today. Meals are planned for the day and I got a bunch of stuff thawing for later in the week. It is a gorgous 80 degrees here today so I even grilled some chicken sausage for dinner!! who want to cook on the stove when it is this nice out!1

op for me
hope you all have a great day

Re: Daily Commitment 5/18

Good afternoon all! Hope you are all having beautiful weather like we are having here!
On the eating front, I had a bad day on Saturday as we went to a graduation party and kind of splurged then went for pizza for dinner that night. But, I got back on the ball the next day and hopefully will remain that way. My sister is getting married on Sunday in Minneapolis so the kids and I are heading up that way on Saturday. My hubby more than likely will have to work so he won't be able to go along. It's about a 6 hour drive for me so we are going to drive half way on Friday, to my mother-in-laws and then the rest of the way Saturday. I'm hoping to make it to the Mall of America since I have never been there and would LOVE to go check it out. A friend from high school lives up there so she offered to let us stay with her to help save money, which I thought was wonderful.
I am in kind of a sad mood today. My mom and I have been arguing a lot and it's really starting to wear on me. It just seems like she is so negative about everything I do. She doesn't understand that I am an adult now and can make my own choices and I don't need her input on everything I do.

Re: Daily Commitment 5/18

Hi everyone. I just got home from work. Today has been a train wreck for my eating. I had a good breakfast and lunch and then I'm not sure what happened. We were working in the employee breakroom where they had snack set out for everyone who got their health screenings done. I had a granola bar, a circus peanut candy, which I haven't had in years and don't know what posessed me to eat it. It didn't even taste that good. I had a few other snacks and then ice cream when I got home. Hope this doesn't throw me for a loop for the rest of the week.
Brooke, sounds like you have your hands full. Family can sometimes be a problem. Hope all goes well.
Chelsie, you sure sound busy also. Don't over extend yourself.


Re: Daily Commitment 5/18

Brooke I hope you and your mom can come to terms. I had a go around with my mom a couple years ago. Such a bad one that it made me look at her totally different. It has been slow coming but it is getting better.

Hope you have fun in Minneapolis we go up there about every two years.