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Re: Daily Commitment 5/18

Hi everyone. I just got home from work. Today has been a train wreck for my eating. I had a good breakfast and lunch and then I'm not sure what happened. We were working in the employee breakroom where they had snack set out for everyone who got their health screenings done. I had a granola bar, a circus peanut candy, which I haven't had in years and don't know what posessed me to eat it. It didn't even taste that good. I had a few other snacks and then ice cream when I got home. Hope this doesn't throw me for a loop for the rest of the week.
Brooke, sounds like you have your hands full. Family can sometimes be a problem. Hope all goes well.
Chelsie, you sure sound busy also. Don't over extend yourself.


Re: Daily Commitment 5/18

Brooke I hope you and your mom can come to terms. I had a go around with my mom a couple years ago. Such a bad one that it made me look at her totally different. It has been slow coming but it is getting better.

Hope you have fun in Minneapolis we go up there about every two years.