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Daily commitment 5/20

Good afternoon. Hope all is well with everyone. I made it to the gym this AM for a good workout. Now I'm home doing laundry and starting a quilt for my newest great nephew who is due June 11. I finally got out shorts since the weather has warmed up. Not as hot as Chelsie has had. Food is going OK. I have plenty of activity points and weekly points for today before weigh in tomorrow. I'm OP all the way.


Re: Daily commitment 5/20

Well good evening everyone hope your days have all been good. For some reason I thought I had posted on here earlier but I guess not. I had a productive day today. got some housework done this am and then went to dd school this afternoon. Made french toast, eggs and bacon for supper. havent had it in along time so it was really good.

After supper was Preschool Graduation. My youngest dd was in it. They wore robes and all. Sang to us, then were awarded diplomas, thenthe teacher had a slide show it was really neat! I got a little sad, my baby is sure growing up way to fast for me. I will treasure the last 5 months that I have been able to stay home with her. It will be very hard to send her off to kindergarten in the fall.

After graduation went walking now I am home. It think it is our last day in the 90's. high 60 tomorrow I think. What is really weird is that 5 days ago we were at a low of 38!! Iowa weather is just crazy!!
well good night. op for me