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Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Good Morning. I too debated on whether or not to go back on simply filling but have chosen against it. I have gained the last two weeks but it is all about impulse control for me. I just need to quit grabbing. I do okay portion control wise I think. so I'll go one more week.

At the graduation last night we got a special picture. of 6 graduates with our babysitter Jen. Most of them have been with her since at least a year old some longer a few shorter. She said it will be really hard when they all leave for kindergarten too!

Well I am off to the grocery store for my weekly fruit trip pretty soon. My ww friend made lasagna last night and brought me a piece so I am saving that for dinner with some asparagus. tonight is Tavern and some fruit because We have a track meet afterschool and then a band metting at 7. So I needed something quick and easy. Everyone can just grab and go it will be in the crock pot.

I hope the rest of you out there are doing well.
op for me

Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Hi everyone!

Our internet went down on Monday and I think they finally got it repaired correctly. We thought it was back on Tuesday, but then it went down again. I didn't realize how much I used it until it was gone!

We got bad news that Scott may lose his job. They are cutting back on teaching staff and music teachers are not considered a necessity, so he may be on the out list. We hope to hear something more in the next couple weeks. This is so stressful. :(

I have been OP regardless and that actually helps. I feel helpless enough without feeling like I am overeating too. I am also exercising lots and that helps too.

I am going to go back and catch up on the posts from earlier in the week. I hope you all are well!!

Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Uki, you and your family will be in my prayers. I'm glad that you are in a good mindset about your food so that isn't adding another stresser to your life.
Chelsie, I get tired just reading about everything you do.
Not a good week at WW for me. I was up 4 pounds. My leader made me get back on the scale to see if she misread it. Got to get the GI system straightened out.
My leader gave me an application for WW 2009 inspiring stories contest. Don't know if I'll enter or not. Have to write an essay. I'll think about it.
I'm making a Greek shrimp salad for tonight and forgot the feta cheese so it's back to the store. This salad is soooo good. By buying the shrimp at Aldi's the most expensive part of it is the kalamata olives.
Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Good afternoon ladies. Just got back from WW and am happy to report a 2.6 pound loss this week. I also got my 5% star! Also, another achievment, I am finally under 200!!! It's been a long time a commin, but I finally made it.

Leaving tomorrow for Minneapolis to my sister's wedding so I will have to do some planning for my meals so I have another good loss next week.

Hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend!!!

Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Good Job Brooke. Thats awesome you have hit that goal.

Pat sorry to hear that you are up this week. Hope you are able to get your medical problems resolved. I get tired looking at my schedule too. At least all of this is in town and with in a couple miles. all my kids are old enough they listen pretty good where ever we are so I really dont have to watch them , they go off and play and I sit and watch!.

Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Congratulations Brooke. Hope you have a great time at the wedding.