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Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Good Job Brooke. Thats awesome you have hit that goal.

Pat sorry to hear that you are up this week. Hope you are able to get your medical problems resolved. I get tired looking at my schedule too. At least all of this is in town and with in a couple miles. all my kids are old enough they listen pretty good where ever we are so I really dont have to watch them , they go off and play and I sit and watch!.

Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Good afternoon ladies. Just got back from WW and am happy to report a 2.6 pound loss this week. I also got my 5% star! Also, another achievment, I am finally under 200!!! It's been a long time a commin, but I finally made it.

Leaving tomorrow for Minneapolis to my sister's wedding so I will have to do some planning for my meals so I have another good loss next week.

Hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend!!!

Re: Daily commitment 5/21

Congratulations Brooke. Hope you have a great time at the wedding.