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Re: Daily commitment 5/22

Good morning all. It is rainy and 60 degrees here in iowa, alot different than the 95 we had on monday!! I am going to try get some stuff done around here today. We have 2 bday partys and 2 grad partys this weekend that I really dont want to go to but probley will end up going to. I dont think I have a weekend where nothing is going on yet!

remained op yesterday and have my meals planned out for today as well.
op for me

Re: Daily commitment 5/22

I am headed out the door this morning and over to my mom's to help her around the house. I waited too long to eat breakfast and was ravenous so I ate more PB than I usually would. Live and learn. I usually aim for 1 tablespoon and this was more like 3! Ack!

Moving on...

Have a great day!