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Daily commitment 5/25 Memorial Day

Good morning, hope you and your families have a great day. Not much going on here but a walk and sewing. Plan to be OP all the way.


Re: Daily commitment 5/25 Memorial Day

good evening all. Didnt do to much today except go to a bday party. It was about an hour away so left at 1030 and got there in time for dinner. Had hamburgers. I brought my own bun and cheese. Went a little overboard on salad. Also induldged in cake. All in all I induglged a little to much this weekend.! But on a positive note it could have been much worse. By that I mean I could have gone completely off program. I still tracked everything I ate so that helped me stay accountable to not go way overboard. tonight I will have something lite. A fresh fruit salad sounds prettygood.

Another good thing that happend today is that we have aquired a clarinet. my stepsister used to play and still had it so she said my daughter could use it. We may have to have it repaired a little but otherwise I would be paying 600 dollars for a new one. I will bring it in tommorow to get an estimate for the repairs.

Well I am off to enjoy the last hours of memorial day. have a great day
op for me