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Daily commitment 5/26

Good morning. I'm off to the gym in awhile and then will be back in the sewing room. Did OK yesterday foodwise. Friends invited us over for a picnic. They are so nice that even though they were fixing hot dogs for everyone they made a grilled chicken breast for me. I've told them how great it is that they take my needs into consideration. They even called with the menu to see if there was stuff I could eat. It's great to have good freiends
Hope you have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 5/26

That is awesome that u have friends that do that for you. It only that happened everywhere we went right!!

Well I am off to sioux city today shopping for a swim suit. Just got little dd today and she loves to shop. It should be a fun day. She told me she wants to pack a lunch so I wont even have to go out to eat.

got a whole lot of running around tonight with softball and jujitsu. I'll be ready for bed tonight!!

have a great day
op for me