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Daily Commitment 5/28

Good morning. A quick post before I finish packing the car for our trip to Maryland. It will be good to spend 4 days with our son and his girlfriend.
Went to the Dr yesterday and he changed my WW goal from 150 to 176. I'm only 12 pounds away from goal now. He was funny, said that changing goals had been a major topic in his practice. Guess lots of us think the WW goals are too low. I will still be overweight according to the BMI charts but I'm happy where I am.
I'm taking some of my favorite foods with me so I can be somewhat prepared.
Have a great weekend. I may check in while I'm gone


Re: Daily Commitment 5/28

Good Morning from here! Been out of pocket since I am going to keep the baby every day! I'm going down late this week, so just checking in!

Pat, glad the doctor changed your goal. He didn't change mine last month! UGH! Just said I was doing good. He's a runner and a real fitness guy! Mine is still 146 and I was 4 pounds away last Saturday. I am trying to be OP this week, so maybe I will be a little closer this week. I will miss my meeting next Saturday 'cause I am going to Florida to pick up two grandkids for the summer. No pressure then to stay OP! LOL!! I'm sure I will be challenged for the 8-10 weeks they are here!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great visit with the son and his girlfriend on your mini vacation....and a good OP time. You are so close now to goal. WOW! What an accomplishment!!

Hope everyone else is having a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 5/28

Hey everyone I am here just incredibley busy with the end of school looming and all. I weighed in yesterday and lost .8 so at least it is headed in the right direction again. Still keeping up my walking everynight thanks to a motivating partner.

Pat that is great that he switched your goal. sometimes we know whats best for us not some chart!!
Diane have fun with those grandkids.

op for me