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Daily commitment 5/29

Good morning from rainy Maryland. Survived the 8 hr. trip to my son's. Kind of survived eating yesterday. Stopped at Subway for lunch which is OK. I pretty much have my regular meal there- 6 inch wheat turkey or ham sub with all the veggies and small amt fat free dressing. Usually add the baked chips for 2 pts. Then we got here and nothing planned for supper. The kids ordered pizza. I did get a small salad and only had one slice of pizza. Ended up using 19 of my 35 weekly points. Today I'm going to the grocery and volunteered to cook supper. Hope to get out and walk to earn a few activity points.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 5/29

Hope you have fun pat!!! I am going to catch up on housework this morning. Hopefully get a grocery list made. After school I need to take dd to get her dress hemmed for her aunts wedding. Later tonight there is a girl scout sleepeover that two dd are going to. so the other dd is going to a friends house so bob and I can go out for supper. Hope you all have a great day
op for me