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Daily Committment for 5-30-09

Can't believe no one has posted today! I have been busy, too, and just now checking computer before going to bed.

Have had a good OP day. Went to WW meeting this a.m. and stayed the same! Those danged last 4 pounds, guess I'm just going to have to cut them off from somewhere! Let's see....what wouldn't be missed if I did some surgery! LOL! I WILL GET TO GOAL! I WILL GET TO GOAL!

Hope everyone is having a great week-end!

Re: Daily Committment for 5-30-09

Hey Everyone busy here as well. Had softball this morning for the kids and went on a walk inbetween the practices. Went and got groceries this afternoon and then had a jazz festival in the park we attended. Ended the night with a campfire. Did so well today till I shared a funnel cake with dh. I really should of looked up the points for that first! oh, well that is what the 35 are for.