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Re: Daily commitment 5/31

Hey everyone hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. Pat it looks like you are having a fabulous time. I cant wait to get away a little bit this summer.

I agree with the injecting fat into their foods . I went to texas roadhouse on friday with dh and looked up on the internet before I went to find out how much a sirloin is i dont remember the exact calories but fat was 29g ! so when I got their I asked how they prepared it and they baste it in butter. so I got that with out and steamed veggies (although they had to get me new ones because they drenched the first ones in butter! makes me wonder if the steak was too! even though I asked for it not to be!) I did resist the yeast rolls which I was quite proud and also had the sweet potatoe plain. Enjoyed a kid cone at dairy queen on the way home. It was a wonderful time. I dont know the last time me and dh went out for dinner by ourselves!!

today is going to be a lazy one I hope. We missed church this morning forgot to set my alarm So I am going to make brunch this morning, pancakes, eggs, fruit, toast I think. hope to work on my photo albums today as well. hope you have a great day!

op for me