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DAily Commitment 6/1

Hello everyone hope you are all having a wonderful op day. I am doing quite well today. Busy organizing my new household schedule for the summer. THe kids helped me make up some chore lists so well see how this goes.

have a great day op for me!

Re: DAily Commitment 6/1

Hi, just a note to say that we are back home. Eating wasn't very OP this past weekend. I'll get on the scale in the morning just to see how bad it really is.
The kids took us to a Japanese steak house last night. Looked like good choices until they started cooking with all the oil and sauces.
Back to the gym in the morning. I did walk every day while gone.


Re: DAily Commitment 6/1

Hey, everyone! OP for me today, too! Chelsie, sounds like you're getting your summer well organized for the kids. That's what it takes to keep them busy and from getting bored and on your nerves! LOL!

Pat, you did the best you could under the circumstances while you were gone. When you look at the big picture, you were just surviving in the real world. We pick up where we can and get back in to our routine and life goes on. We cannot keep ourselves in a "bubble" 24/7. Sometimes we have to deal with reality. That is why we have to learn to handle what is thrown at us in order to keep this up for the rest of our lives.....we make adjustments and continue on with our new lifestyle. Keep up your good work! You've come a long way, baby!

I'm going to eat my yogurt for dessert now! Have a great evening!