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Daily Commitment 6/2

Good Mornining everyone. Pat dont be to discouraged this week. Just remember how far you have come..

Diane, A bubble, that is really true. I like my bubble. I like when I can control the food. going out has been a real struggle for me. Temptation just seems to overtake me. I did okay last week when I went out. Well see about next time.

today I am up same time as normal even though School is finally out of session. middle dd has softball practice or game everday at 8 so got to get them up and moving. After softball today we will head about 20 minutes away to go see me new nephew born yesterday. Luke Danger!! Yeah! I think Luke is after star wars since his first son is obsessed with that but Danger? sometimes I dont know about my brother!!! After that oldest Dh has some running around to do but she is old enough to go on her bike . This afternoon we are off to the pool if it is warm enough and tonight is Jujitsu! I know it sounds busy but it isnt. And a class of jujitsu is just as relaxing for me as a yoga class for someone else. Well I'm off

op for me!


Re: Daily Commitment 6/2

Finally a chance to post. Today was a good day. Went to the gym and earned 6 AP. Ate good meals of filling foods. Tomorrow plan to do the same and hope it shows on the scale on Thurs.