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Daily commitment 6/3

Good Morning Everyone. I slept great! I havent been to bed before 10 in ages. I am getting dd ready for softball now. Games havent started yet so I just drop her off for practice. I have my ww meeting at noon and I feel like I have lost. My pants got way loose this week so I hope I lost some and my pant arent just getting stretched out!! It is an at work meeting so I will re-sign up tonight. I hope there are enough people to go for another 15 weeks. I am hoping to hit goal by then but well see. summer can reck all sorts of havoc on plans to!

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 6/3

lost 3.8 today. That is the most I have lost in a week since the first week back in Febuary. So I am hoping to keep that momentum going. We also had 21 people sign up so we got free etools for another 17 weeks.!

sleep well

Re: Daily commitment 6/3

Great job!!!