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Re: Daily Commitment 6/5

Hello to all of you.

I once posted regularly on this board, but haven't posted in quite awhile. I try to keep up with what is going on with you, though. I have wondered what has happened to the others. Sometimes if a person falls off track they stop posting, but that is when they need the support of the board more than ever.

I am maintaining at goalweight (actually 8 pounds below) for over a year now. It is not always easy, but it is a much better place to be in than where I was formerly. I had 50+ pounds to lose.

I sounds as though you are doing a great job, Chelsie and Pat. Congratulations to both of you!

Re: Daily Commitment 6/5

Nellie, good to hear from you. We need people like you with success stories to encourage us. Congratulations on being below goal. There is hope for all of us. Stop in and post whenever you can.


Re: Daily Commitment 6/5

Hi nellie great to hear from you!!. Well my busy day is 1/2 over. I got the kids to the bus for the zoo trip and then off to get my dvd player back in and installed. THen groceries. Back home for some dinner. pick the kids back up get them to do their chores! now off to get flower girl dresses fitted and then I am done!! Campfire for me tonight. THe weekend looks wonderful nothing planned so I hope to get a little bit of outside stuff done but no running anywhere!!! still op for me. Just stocked up on some great fruits and veggies. Have a great day everyone!!

op for me