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Daily commitment 6/6

Good morning. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm off to a huge quilt show today. Supposed to have over 700 quilts on display. I've eaten my oatmeal and berries for breakfast so I've got my energy. Will get lots of walking in and will make the best choices possible for food.
Tomorrow morning is my first 5K. I'm walking with others from our WW group. Should be fun.


Re: Daily commitment 6/6

I just realized that I didn't sign my posting yesterday!:) That's what comes from posting on the WW site with my name automatically added.:)

I thought I remembered that Carrie has a trip planned to the Smoky Mtns. sometime this month. Are you checking in, Carrie? If so, email me to let me know your plans. That is in my "neck of the woods." It would be fun if we could meet up someway.

I was out early this morning on a variety of errands. I wasn't the only one - traffic was heavy.

Hope each of you will have a great week-end!


Re: Daily commitment 6/6

Sorry I haven't bee on to post lately. I went to the ER early on Wednesday morning and found out I had appendicitis and had surgery later on that day. I am still pretty sore and can't sit up straight or stand for long periods of time. Hopefully I will recover quickly so I can get back to exercising. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Re: Daily commitment 6/6

Brooke, so sorry to hear about your surgery. Take care of yourself and don't do too much too soon.


Re: Daily commitment 6/6

Brooke I see on facebook you are not feeling much better hope you get some relief soon.

Well its the next day but better late than never. It is rainy here in Iowa so it was a indoor day for the most part. Got some cleaning done and some off the to do list for hubby. Ended the night with a headache so that was great. I did however find a place to download my pictures and get them printed on line that would keep them in the order they were up loaded. I am trying to finsih my kids albums before the next school year hits and I have them inorder from youngest to oldest and alot of sites dont up load them properly but shutterfly did. I will even get free shipping!

so we will see how it goes!
I did okay food wise yesterday a little too much snacking

see ya later