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Daily commitment 6/7

Good morning. Well, I did it. Walked my first official 5K with my WW meeting buddies. I've walked that distance before but never in a "race". We ended up walking an extra 1/2 mile since we went to the wrong place to start. We all finished together and had a good time together.
I'm having a hungry day. I've eaten good filling foods meals but some days just seem to be eating days.
Hope you all are having a good day. Think I may have to take a nap.


Re: Daily commitment 6/7

Man, I am getting forgetful this week. I forgot to post again!! Well sunday was quite relaxful. Church and then dinner. grilled cheese and tom soup. It was rainy out so that was really good. Did some laundry and then started a good book. Went for a walk right before it rained. so I am glas I got that in. Came home and took a lovely bubble bath . THen off to kickboxing. Releaxed all night with the fam.

Munched a little but not terrible. I finally put my foot down around 830 and just said no more!!!

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 6/7

Congratulations on the 5K Pat!