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Daily commitment 6/8

Good afternoon. I'm home from the gym. Earned 6 AP today. Had my usual oatmeal breakfast. Lunch was leftover bulgur with veggies and some Boca crumbles. I have a small roast thawing for supper. Have to eat beef and pasta early in the week, they both seem to make me have a gain if I eat them on Wed.before weigh in on Thurs.
Hope everyone has a great day


Re: Daily commitment 6/8

good afternoon. having trouble getting motivated today. I think it is due to the weather. very gloomy out today. got the kids back and forth every where they need to be for the day. Tball later toight. Hubby came home at lunch and told me rumors are going round his work of either a few people layed off or lower hours to 32. It would suck but we would still be able to make it. We worked really hard to pay off our bills and finally got that accomplished in 2008. I dont know how I would do it if I still had them all. Just paid for my ww for the next 17 weeks but I dont know if I can afford it after that. More incentive to get er done this time around!!!

op for me!