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daily commitment 6/10

Looks like nobody else is around. I had a pretty good day foodwise. My big problem today is my back. It was stiff when I got up and then went to the pool and the water was colder than normal which made the back stiffer. I managed to get in the sewing room for a couple hours before I couldn't stand sitting any more.
Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm not expecting any loss. Hope to be surprised.


Re: daily commitment 6/10

good evening.. posting a little late but oh well. Went to ww today and lost .6 not alot but at least it is headed in the right direction. Had quite a loss last week so I didnt expect huge numbers. Got my walk in tonight. Been kinda bla this week. not much sun and I really need sun to function. I rely on that vitamin D! This weekend will be quite a challange due to the wedding we are all in. I hope to stuff my self with fresh fruit and bring my own buns. Mary (the bride) totally understands what I am trying to accomplish and I know will not care one bit if I bring some of my own stuff. I hope to stay busy helping her set up for the wedding friday so I keep my mind off of eating. ANd saturday I have to keep 3 little girls clean in white dresses! THat will be intersting! well op for me See ya tommorow. Good Luck tomorrow pat. Hope the back gets better!