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Daily commitment 6/11

Good morning. I'm off to WW in a few minutes. Got on my scale this AM and it said I gained 2 pounds since yesterday. What the __? So today I set my online tracker back to counting points. Not off to a great start. I get 21 points/day and used 7.5 for my shredded wheat and banana breakfast with flax oil. The thing I don't like about points counting is that I always feel hungry. Did my measurements this AM to see if I was losing inches instead of pounds but no big change there either. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. Think I may have to go back to basics of lean meat, veggies and fruit.
Chels, have fun at the wedding. Can't imagine keeping 3 little girls in white dresses clean.


Re: Daily commitment 6/11

happy am everyone. I am up after a dissapointing night of sleep. I am dreaming way to much lately. I might just have to take a melatonin tonight. Got a softball game this am then running a few kids around but I always get to come home while they are at there activities so its not to bad. This afternoon is cleaning and my kids are dreading it but I have to get it done today because I will be busy for the next 3. Tonight we will set up tables for the reception and then I will go on my walk I hope to get a long one in.

I am going to be switching up the plans here starting on Friday I believe. I am trying something new this month were I stay on momentum 2.5 weeks and then go on core for 1.5. I know they say a week at a time but I figure as long as I know what I am doing I am okay. my hardest times are around my period and I am on new bc medicine that has three different teirs of hormomes. When I get to that last teir it is the least amount and I tend to go off program alot eaisier. So this month I am going to try core during that time. It seems the less I have to worry about in that week and a half the better so well see how it goes.

Pat hang in there girl, I know you already know all the reasons why the scale flucuates so much so I wont give you any of em. I too am restricted to 21 points and it is killer sometimes. I get sick of having to eat broccoli and carrots everyday for snack just to keep my bloodsugar from bottoming out.

Lets all have a great week this week. Who's with me? Come on I know you want to!!!!