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Daily commitment - 6/12

Well, good afternoon everyone! I thought I would jump on the board and give everyone good wishes for the week-end, and there wasn't any thread started! Looks like the numbers who post are really down.:(

Pat, thinking about you with your back and that unpleasant number on the scale.:( Why is it that the scale does that to us when we have been OP? It happens to me, too.:(

Chelsie, I am inwardly laughing at keeping three little girls in clean white dresses on Saturday. Whenever we went somewhere, the first one I had gotten ready needed a refreshing by the time I had finished with the other two.:) Our oldest was only 20-months old when her twin sisters were born. Hope you have a good week-end with the wedding.

As far as plans go, I have become a real fan of Core/Simply Filling. Were I to be counting points, I would only have 18 a day. Last summer I was ALWAYS hungry.:( However, we all need to adjust the program to fit our needs, and I wish you great success, Chelsie, with the changes you are hoping to make.

It is a sunny day here, with no storms yet, but we have had some rather serious ones the past couple of days. On Wednesday we were walking along with some players in the Pro-Am Golf Tournament when the storm alarm sounded for everyone to clear the course. Now, we are at the sixth hole and need to get off quickly! Talk about fast walking.:) That was part of the Nationwide Tour that is in town this week, and we have been earlier today to watch part of it.

O.K. Enough of my rambling. Hope someone else comes along to post soon.

Have a great week-end!

Re: Daily commitment - 6/12

Nellie, thanks for starting the thread today. This is the first chance I've had to get on here. I've made it through 2 days of counting points. I only went over by 2 yesterday. Today I earned 5 activity points so should be good. I'm still feeling hungry at times but am trying to keep busy so that I don't think of food.
Chelsie, I'll be thinking about you and your girls in white tomorrow.


Re: Daily commitment - 6/12

Thanks everyone for wishing me well. One day down of wedding stuff and one to go. today was setting everything up and I got a little impatient with dd #1. My father and stepmother are coming to help out in the morning so the the kids will be at home imbetween getting hair done up until pics so at least they wont be boerd all morning at the church. Wasnt quite the op day I was hoping for but I WILL do better tomorrow.

Take care I'll see ya all on Sunday.