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Daily commitment 6/13

Good Saturday morning. Chelsie hope all goes well at the wedding. Enjoy yourself (but not too much with food).
Yesterday went well. Managed to get in all my healthy guidelines and used 2 weekly points for popcorn in the evening. I earned 5 activity points so I'm still doing good. No big plans for today. Have my great nephew's playhouse almost finished now need to make something for my sister's step-daughter. She has a new baby in August and 2 girls who will be 2 & 5. I try to make something for each of the kids when I give the new baby a quilt. Think I may make small purses for the girls.
I will be OP today and every day.


Re: Daily commitment 6/13

Pat, you sound very busy on this Saturday.

We were out to go to the Farmer's Market before going on to watch/follow the Nationwide Golf tour that is in town this week-end. I was hoping for some more local fresh strawberries, but there were none this week.:( Maybe some more next week, but our season is really coming to an end.

We are beginning to have some produce from our own garden now - lettuce, zucchini, and yellow squash. The birds are enjoying our raspberries more than we are.:(

Chelsie, thinking about you today and that wedding. I am sure the girls are like little princesses.:)

To everyone who is checking in - have a great OP day!