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Re: I'm back!!!

A bunch of people went over to Facebook when this site was down for a couple days. Guess they found out they liked it over there and stayed. I never remember to check there. I hope they are all doing OK and don't need the support from us. I know I still need to post here if only to remind myself to stay OP. I'm having a hard time right now. I've had several weeks of gains and am now counting points instead of doing "Core". Got on the scale this AM and it showed a 2 # gain since yesterday. I'm staying with the program but it is discouraging. We are going away this weekend and then the first 2 weeks in July so it will be harder to stay OP. I was at a 92# loss but have gained back about 5#. I'll be here so hope you stay with Chelsie and me.


Re: I'm back!!!

Hey Everyone. Yeah alot of people did stop coming. I hope they are all doing well I know I need this site even if it is just a few of us. I am on facebook every day and I cant say I see a whole lot of them posting anything like what we post here. Maybe they just got boerd over here, I'm not sure. Alot more people veiw than post. Any how I too will continue to post any new things I hear as well as being op. This site has really helped me over the years and I wont forget that. For those of you who are on facebook I have uploaded some pictures of the wedding we were all in. We all had a blast. Alot of work getting that many people ready for a wedding but alot of fun. I'll give a full run down tommorow as today I am just blah blah blah, I think we were so busy I just became exhausted today. Take care everyone.

Re: I'm back!!!

Angie, congratulations on that baby boy! Just be sure you are taking care of yourself. I can't remember. Do you have other children, or is this your first?

Well, I am not on Facebook, and I have no plans to be. I spend far too much time on the computer as it is.:)

Chelsie, glad to hear the wedding week-end went well.

Have a great evening, everyone.


Re: I'm back!!!

Hey everyone I am new to this site. I have done WW in the past and recently joined back online again. I have about 20 lbs to lose if not more and I have a hard time staying on plan during the weekends.

Any tips would be helpful, I am working on my will power this week!! This site is a blessing in disguise and I am so excited to commit to loosing the weight!

Re: I'm back!!!

Welcome and glad to see you. Will power is my down fall as well, I just have a hard time saying no to myself some times. So to encourage myself to do so I track all the positive things I was able to to that day. Even if it was saying no to myself over the same chocolate bar 5 times in one day. I write them all down . I find myself ended up wanted to write down the fact that I resisted it much more than wanting to eat it. I do this all in the food journal that I track in everyday so it makes it easier. hope that helps.

Hope to see you around, post when you can, the support we get from each other on this site is phenomenal.

have a great day