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food journal

hi! i'm interested with food journal, i'd like to follow it but i don't know how to give "points" to each food serving. please do explain..thanks!

Re: food journal

Monique, welcome to our little spot on the web.
As far as the formula for points go, that is a copyright of Weight Watchers so it isn't supposed to be given out. However if you go to http://ronisweigh.com/ronis-resources/wwp-calculators Roni has a calculator on her site. You need to know the calories, fat grams, and fiber for a food to get the points. I'm sure if you search the web you can find the quiz that you take to determine your points allowance for each day. You can join Weight Watchers online if you don't want to go to meetings.
Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a 60 year old semi-retired nurse from Western NY. I've lost about 90 pounds in the last 2years and 3 months. Still have a bit to go.
We used to have a thread each day to journal our food but everyone lost interest. We could certainly start it again or it can be included in the thread of daily commitment