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Re: Daily commitment 6/15

Brooke, just take one meal at a time. I'm eating something with lunch take will make a go to snack for me. Jicama with roasted red pepper hummus. If you haven't ever had jicama it looks like a big brown root. It is sweet and crunchy. Kind of a cross between an apple and a potato. I cut it into strips and bought some hummus which I have never had before. Using the jicama to dip into the hummus. Gives me the crunch that I seem to always want.
Carrie, sounds like you did fine and had a great time this weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 6/15

uuugg, life is just getting more complicated by the minute. Bob just got his hours cut again, down to 35 till the end of July. We have been at 40 since November and Before that it was anywhere from 55-45 so this is a pretty drastic change from a few years ago. We are lucky to have our vehicals paid off and all. I dont know what I would do then. I'm glad we worked really hard to pay them off the past few years.

any who, just needed to vent to someone so I stay away from the CHOCOLATE that is now calling my name!!!!! Hope to go for a walk soon. WILL POWER!!!