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Re: Hello....

Well we are glad to have you Scott Sorry to hear about all you have had to go through. The posting at the site is alot smaller than it was a few years ago. Some people have left completely, some come and go. Alot view but dont post I think. I try and post everyday, this is just what I need. Feel free to jump right in. The more people the better. We used to have a daily food journal thread, as well as a weekly exercise one. When the site was really big we even had reported weigh ins. But it has dwindled so unfortunatly so have the posting threads. I will try and jump on later today and let you know a little about myself. It is interesting to get to know peoples stories. hope you decide to hop on board. (I think they have all turned back around and picked me up more than a few times!! )

Re: Hello....

Thanks for the encouragement! When I was on here in the past, there were the weigh-ins and a few other little extras that made the site fun. I have just been unable to work out the way that I want to and unfortunately that has given me an excuse to eat poorly. I am taking the right steps though and going to try this again and start eating right. I am pretty active already just not where I need to be. I can use all the help I can get and any advice, recipes, or routines than you have found that work will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Hello....

Scott, good to see another new face on the site. As Chelsie said the more we have here the better.
I'm a 60 year old semi-retired RN. I've lost about 90 pounds on WW and have about 15 more to go. I still post everyday to keep myself accountable.


Re: Hello....

Well, hello PattyPurple! Thanks for saying hello! I hope to keep with the site after being on for close to a year and then taking off for the last two or three years....lol.