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Re: Hello....

Thanks for the encouragement! When I was on here in the past, there were the weigh-ins and a few other little extras that made the site fun. I have just been unable to work out the way that I want to and unfortunately that has given me an excuse to eat poorly. I am taking the right steps though and going to try this again and start eating right. I am pretty active already just not where I need to be. I can use all the help I can get and any advice, recipes, or routines than you have found that work will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Hello....

Scott, good to see another new face on the site. As Chelsie said the more we have here the better.
I'm a 60 year old semi-retired RN. I've lost about 90 pounds on WW and have about 15 more to go. I still post everyday to keep myself accountable.


Re: Hello....

Well, hello PattyPurple! Thanks for saying hello! I hope to keep with the site after being on for close to a year and then taking off for the last two or three years....lol.