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Daily commitment 6/17

Good morning. Hope everyone is having a good day so far. I skipped the gym today. Went to bed with a migraine last night and this morning woke up aching all over (I have fibromyagia which flares up ever so often)
I'm getting very frustrated with my weight. I'm staying in points, earning activity points, getting in my liquids and still the scale isn't moving.
Food for today-
B-oatmeal, Fiber 1 and mixed berries
L-veggie burger on sandwich thin, jicama with hummus and apple
S- cubed steaks with salad and some kind of grain. Strawberries.


Re: Daily commitment 6/17

aloha, I am up and moving this morning. Running kids around and picking up the house a little. After dinner I will run dd #3 to grandmas 20 miles away so she may go earn some money for camp. i think I will get some groceries and make the trip worth while. tonight is my ww night and then my walk. I expect a gain today. With having the wedding and all. You remember when I said I was going to go momentum for 3 weeks and simply filling for 1 due to homrmonal changes. Well that week on simpley filling fell on the wedding weekend so that didnt help much. I was munching all day yesterday couldnt get enough so Well shoot for next time. Have a great day everyone

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