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Exercise 6/17 thru 6/23

Hello everyone, I always enjoyed having an exercise thread and have been slacking lately on posting on it but since I think I finally have gotten my running around figured out We'll give it another try. I have meetings on Wensdays so that is when I usually track mine. So, here goes, hope you join me.

4.5 miles today. and may I say I did dance in the rain tonight because it sprinkled about half the time I walked and the other half looked like it was just going to pour. It must have know I needed this walk tonight, so it held off.

Re: Exercise 6/17 thru 6/23

3 miles Thursday and two at the relay last night

Re: Exercise 6/17 thru 6/23

6/22- Wow what a workout. 60 minute water aerobics, weight lifting circuit then 60 min on treadmill. 8 Activity points.