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Daily commitment 6/18

good morning everyone. Well we woke up to severe storms on this side of Iowa. I prayed and prayed my trampoline wouldnt flip over!!!! More are expected tonight but we should see some sun this afternoon.

Had weigh in yesterday and gained 1.8. no big suprise to me really. So just need to buckle down this week and really find that inner will power to just say NOOOO. I will try up my ap's as well. I only walked 19 miles last week and I am normally around 30 so I'll try get that back up there.

Ball Games are canclled this am so I we are going to get our cleaning chores out of the way. Maybe pool is afternoon and DD #3 has a softball game this afternoon if rain holds off. Walk after supper tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

op for me.


Re: Daily commitment 6/18

Checking in late today. Went to WW this AM and down 3.8. I'm still a little above my lowest weight but I'm getting there. I spent the rest of the day shopping and fixing food to pack in the camper. We are only going to be gone 3 days (2 nights) but it is the first time this season out with the camper so had to get all the stuff back in. I'm going to be having a craft show space there so am fixing simple meals that I mostly prepared here. It is supposed to rain all weekend so it may be a miserable weekend.
Chelsie sounds like you have your food issues under control after the wedding.
Have a great weekend. See you all on Monday.


Re: Daily commitment 6/18

Way to go pat!!!

Re: Daily commitment 6/18

Congratulations Patty. That is a great loss for a week!