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Everything I put in my mouth !! 6/18

I was going to put food journaling 6/18 but dd said that is to complicated why dont u just call it everthing you put in your mouth!!! So that was just so funny I had to put it. I have my breakfast planned out and I am just on my way to go make it but the rest of the day needs a little planning first so I post later. Just wanted to get it started for anyone else who is intersted.

Re: Everything I put in my mouth !! 6/18

B. egg beaters omlet with green peppers/ onions/ cheese/ham--and a yogurt

L. turkey sandwich with mayo, lt cheese, and lettuce
sf vanilla pudding with banana

sn. 1 pt bar, carrots, sparkling water

d. tavern on lt bun with pickles. Steamed broccoli

sn. popcorn

Re: Everything I put in my mouth !! 6/18

Chelsie, Don't think I'll jump onboard. I'm tracking with pen and paper this week so I can get this weekend in. That's about as much as I can handle.


Re: Everything I put in my mouth !! 6/18

no problem pat. my day went great until I got back from softball game only to find my tavern burnt in the crockpot. No real easy suppers to fix so I had a little bit of too much. So lets just say will power didnt win at supper! I am still off for a walk pretty soon though.