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Daily commitment 6/20

Boy did our plans for the weekend change. We left for PA at 6AM yesterday. At about 9 when we had just crossed the NY/PA line we blew a tire on the truck. Fortunately the truck and Jim handled it well so we got off to the side of the road. Called AAA and 1 1/2 hours later they showed up. Took 45 minutes to change the tire since they didn't bring the proper equipment. By then, with the heavy rain predicted for the weekend, Jim decided that we would just come home. So 5 hours later, because of driving slower on the spare, we were back where we started. I ended up eating many more points than planned even though it was all "good food". Spending that much time sitting in the truck just made me nibble. I'll have to earn mega activity points to get me through the week.


Re: Daily commitment 6/20

Wow, Pat! What a bummer! I wonder what took AAA so long to get someone there, and when they came, wonder why they weren't equipped to handle the assistance you needed? I believe I would complain - for all the good it would do.:)

Has any heavy rain come your way?

Chelsie, how are you feeling today?

We are just hot, hot, hot here. Of course, there are those who are living in much warmer climates, but to be 84 degrees at 11:00 in the morning around here is really warmer than normal. We didn't walk until dusk yesterday, waiting for it to cool down a little, and then it was very humid.:( I am not a hot weather person, so the central air is my friend.:)

I have been to the garden this morning and have several yellow squash, lettuce, and a few blueberries. They are just beginning to ripen!

We will be meeting DD#2 and family and DD#3 later this afternoon at a restaurant in a nearby town for a Father's Day celebration. No worries for me, although it is Italian. We have been there before, and I didn't have any problem being OP.

Wishing everyone a good OP Saturday!


Re: Daily commitment 6/20

Nellie, where do you live? I'm guessing Florida or Texas?. It is so rainy here and in the 60's. Supposed to get "summer" starting next week, in the 80's. I'm like you, not a hot weather fan. If it could be 70 I would be happy. Although I do like the winter for a short while.
Don't know what was up with AAA. When I first called they said 45 minutes. Guess we were just out in the boonies. We don't use it often but am sure glad when we need it.