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Re: Daily commitment 6/22

Hello, everyone. oh what a weekend. Was too busy for my own good. Ended up getting dry socket in on of my tooth extraciton sites so that is extremely painful. got it packed this am but they say it may take a few times. I am not looking for ward to it. I am going to go relax at the pool here in a little bit. Food has not been my friend this weekend I tend to just eat when my mouth doesnt hurt and I am having trouble finding soft foods to eat that are healthy. ( I know yougurt and pudding but you can only eat so much of that!!!

well here is to a better day I hope
take care
op for me

Re: Daily commitment 6/22

Chelsie, I'm so sorry that you are going through all the problems with your mouth. I've had my share of tooth problems and hurt for you. Don't stress out about what you are eating right now. Just take care of yourself and do what your body needs at the time.