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Re: Meeting Question

Brooke, It's been awhile since I paid by the week (I have monthly pass). If I remember right, if your back meetings cost more than reregistering they will let you just reregister. I don't think registration is free anymore.
Don't let that keep you from going back. I stopped several programs because I didn't want to pay for meetings I missed and look where I ended up.
You are worth it.
Hope DD feels better soon so you can get some sleep.


Re: Meeting Question

I think It will depend on your area. Way back when I first started you were able to miss 2 meetings every 6 months after that you paid. it may have change now though. hope you feel better

Re: Meeting Question

Thanks. I think I will just go and let them know why I missed and see what they say. I really can't afford to re-register right now. I really don't have the extra money. I have enough for the meeting and that's about it.