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Re: Daily commitment 6/25

Pat - good luck this am at your weigh in.

Chelsie - I hope you get your mouth taken care of and get to feeling better soon.

OP for me today so far. I try not to eat much before my 12:15 weigh in so I had a Special K bar this morning. I was pretty excited when I got dressed today. I pulled a pair of my pre-children pants out of the back of my closet (where my "too small" clothes are) and put them on and they fit!!! I was pretty excited about that. It's the little things in life that make it so enjoyable sometimes. I'm hoping when I get to WW and tell them why I missed the last couple of weeks, they will understand and not charge me for all of the weeks I have missed because I really can't afford it right now.

Re: Daily commitment 6/25

Good morning, Pat, Chelsie, and Brooke.

Pat, sending along skinny vibes for your weighin!

Chelsie, hope you get some relief for that dental problem today.

Brooke, wishing you the best for your meeting.

This is my third day for counting points. So far, so good. I don't know if it will give me a loss or not, but we'll keep at it for a couple of weeks. My next weighin isn't due until July.

This is my haircut day, so I will be off soon. Maybe work in some shopping while I am out.:)

Have a great day!


Re: Daily commitment 6/25

Hello everyone. I am going to the Y tonight to sign up for a "Water Walking" class. I don't really know much about it, but am really hoping that swimming is not required! I have been walking on my treadmill since joining WW, but it gets so boring! I did finally buy an IPOD, which does seem to make the time go by quicker. I go to WW on Wednesdays and we had a speaker from Blue Cross/Blue Shield yesterday who gave us all pedometers - with instructions to walk 10,000 steps each day. I have mine on and can't wait to see how I do at the end of today!

Re: Daily commitment 6/25

Cathy, congratulations on the decision to join the Y. I've been a member for more years than I can remember. At least in our area, water walking is done in the deep end with a flotation belt and sometimes sitting on a noodle (foam pole like things that kids use to whack each other in the pool). I love anything in the water. Right now I'm doing water aerobics which are done in the shallow end and then for half the class you can go to the deep end or stay shallow. My body feels so much better in the water. You will get a great workout and may not realize it. Hope you like it. If water walking isn't for you try some of the other water classes.
Brooke hope you got to stay for your meeting. It's hard when money is tight.
Chelsie, hope your mouth is better.
Nellie, has it cooled off a little for you? We hit 88 today and then a thundershower.
I weighed in this AM and stayed the same. Guess that's better than a gain. I'll have to be extra careful while on vacation.
Have a good evening.


Re: Daily commitment 6/25

I'm happy to report that I went to the meeting and they only made me pay for this week so I was able to stay. I also lost 4.6 since my last meeting. That brings my meeting total to 14.2 (since I joined in April). My total since I started on my own in January is almost 30! I still have a ways to go but I will get there eventually!