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Daily commitment 6/28

Good morning. Hope everyone has a great day. We're off to church in a few then have to start getting ready for the trip. I said that yesterday and ended up making 2 kids backpacks for my craft show. Did OK with food yesterday. The 1/2 portion of oatmeal seemed to hold me as well as the full serving. Made pizzas on sandwich thins with Boca crumbles and veggies for supper.
Brooke, sorry you had to sell your dog but sounds like it was the right thing for him. My son just had to put down his Siberian Husky who was 12 years old. He was in the same boat of not having enough time for the dog but had had him through marriage, divorce and several girlfriends, so he really misses him. As Nellie said, don't worry about eating the pizza. Track it and make plans to do better the next time by having something ready when you know you'll be tired when you get home.
Nellie, you can keep that hot weather. We are in the high 70's this week but thunderstorms every day. I'm sure we'll get plenty of heat in Ind. One good thing about the heat is that it tends to dampen my appetite.
Have a good OP day.


Re: Daily commitment 6/28

Good afternoon, everybody.

Pat, I am just hoping the predicted "cold front" comes through as expected. I am not a person who does well in hot weather.

Sounds like you have a lot to do before you leave on your trip. Hope everything will fall in place for you.

We've been to Sunday School and worship, and now we are just spending our time staying cool.:) No special challenges, foodwise.

Wishing the best for each of you today!